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China Thought on Longivity – Eternal Living

Freedom is a very moving word. Freedom is as light as a cloud and also as heavy as the Mother Earth. Pursuing eternal life means pursuing the infinitely great “primary freedom”, that is, the most important and most essential freedom of everyone. Eternal life, just as its name implies,is endless survival or limitless prolonging of […]

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Long life has a matchlessly huge value

A long life has a matchlessly huge value, not only to the individual, but also to the society. If we make an analysis of the life periods, a life can fall into the production period and the consumption period and so on. Production period — consumption period = contribution period. For instance,if an average life […]

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Spirit Preservation Technology for Long Life

Now we have invented “Spirit-catching device”, and “Spirit-storing device”, later we could create the complementary system—“spirit-recovering device”. From the visual angle of modern technologies, spirit is Information, the Bit. Information belongs to the world and does not disappear along with body. The information could be retrieved, caught, stored, transferred and copied. Dealing with the spirit […]

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Body Preservation Technology for Long Life

In ancient Egypt people made the antiseptic mummy meticulously, holding the dream of coming to life again someday. Today, there are body-freezing companies and life-prolonging companies in the U.S. As compared with the ancient Egyptians, the current technology of body preservation depends on the technology on all-round capabilities and the fast development of the technologies […]

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Longevity in the Third Eye Sight

When I was wandering in a park,watching the fountain rushing up like a jade pole, an idea suddenly occurred to me:So long as the conditions are changed,the natural law of “water flows downward” should have been changed to the opposite artificially! “ As there is birth, there must be death” is the law we have […]

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Secrets of Long Life and Longevity

Twilight of Life Sciences: In the eyes of today’s life sciences, how long on earth can a person live? Can we “live forever” and “rejuvenate”? how to have a long life?? Although scientists have not been able to do large-scale study on the “longevity gene” in an organized and planned way, the bit-by-bit study has […]

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