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Happiness Formula of Mankind

Makarenko said, if a person had no pleasure before him, he would not exist in this world.           “If there are things I don’t like in Heaven, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in Hell, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in your future gold world,I won’t go […]

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Never Mind What Experts Said

In the present time characterized by more and more minute subdivision of disciplines, we give more and more credit to experts and worship them more and more blindly. So long as it is said by an expert, it is correct, one hundred percent doubtless. If a wrong viewpoint is uttered by a man in the […]

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Great minds for human civilization on longivity

Thoms Edison, Albert Einstein, Curie, Helen Keller, Roosevelt, Lu Xun, Chen Jingrun… If they could return or have been living till now, how much more material wealth and mental wealth they would have brought to the society, and what a great role they would play for human civilization! Saint-Simon wrote: “If France suddenly lost 50 […]

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Fundamental precondition of existence of living creatures

Life is the fundamental precondition of existence of all living creatures. “Since it is a living creature, its first important matter is, of course, the life. The reason for being a living creature just lies in the life. Otherwise, it will lose the meaning of the living creature.”(Lu Xun) Human, as a living creature, is […]

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Nonsense by Experts

Mr. Lu Xun the China famous writer said: “Experts often talk nonsense.”  Today, “old-typed foolish citizens are still many, but new-typed ‘foolish citizens’ have also reached a certain scale.” Old-typed foolish citizens are those illiterate people, but new-typed foolish citizens are those who follow authorities like sheep and believe experts’ nonsense blindly.

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