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New Smartphones Coming out! Why these phones haven’t become more popular

New smartphones Coming out! Why these phones haven’t become more popular? First time I’ve heard of butt dialling. It would have to have big buttons for me to do that. It’s in a tough, durable case without one of those big screens

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Cell Phones in School: Embrace Them or Ban Them?

Cell Phones at School: Should cell phones be banned in school? Banning Cell Phone Use in Classrooms is The Wrong Approach? Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school?

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E-commerce Advantages: How Social, Computer, and Mobile Affect Shopping Sales Online and Offline

E-commerce advantages and disadvantages: all about e-commerce. How social, computer, and mobile affect shopping sales online and offline? Web affects e-commerce. Does your business have an online shopping cart? What would be left without online shopping?

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Bra Color Scandal Video: Hot Chinese Girl in Public Bus

Bra Color Scandal: a Shanghai girl used her cell phone in front of her chest to swipe card for taking bus. The following aunt who looked like about 50 years old did the same things as the female actress did.

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