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Chinese Kung Fu Preview: Chi Kung or Qigong and Taoism

Chinese kung fu Preview: Chi Kung or Qigong and Taoism Qigong is being used as part of the Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) in preventive and therapeutic health care. Qi is seen as the vital energy in one’s body to maintain life. Qigong will train one to work on physical to control and exercise this energy […]

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Origin and History of Tai Chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements

Origin and History of tai chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements Creator of Tai Chi’s early technique, Chen Yuting firstly brought out the term of “Zhukao” in his posthumous work “General Songs of Quan Jing (Boxing Skills) referring to two persons depending on each other with hands and arms, “Crossing” means repeatedly […]

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Tai Chi Thought’s Influence on Chinese Wushu or Martial Arts

The word tai chi firstly appeared in “Zhou Yi or I Ching”, which was deemed as the best sutra by Chinese academia. “Zhou Yi and Xi Ci Shang” stated that: “Yi has Tai Chi, it generates Two Elements, the Two Elements generate Four Phases, and the Four Phases generate Bagua, the Eight Diagrams”. Among which, […]

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Tai Chi Movement Concept: development history of Taijiquan

tai chi Movement Concept, which inosculates Tai Chi philosophy and human body Movement Concept rules. Tai Chi Movement Concept is a new subject, but also seems an old topic. Saying it new is in respect that it’s popularized rapidly at home and abroad, and there’s lack of articles of systematic research on Tai Chi Movement […]

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