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White Yak – coldness-tolerating animal

White Yak – coldness-tolerating animal Wild yak is one of the national grade A protected animals and a special produce of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with a very small quantity. It is a kind of typical coldness-tolerating animal vulnerable to hot whether. White Yaks live on high mountains, in intermountain basins and paramos deserts and grasslands 4000~5500m […]

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White-lipped Deer – paramos animal

White-lipped Deer As a kind of typical paramos animal, white-lipped deer mainly lives in areas 3500~5100m above sea level. Except in the dating season, female and male deer often live separately. White-lipped Deers always roam within a certain range of plain at mountain foot, broad valley and among mountains. They often come out at dawn. […]

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Black-necked Crane – bird produced in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Black-necked Crane – bird produced in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Black-necked crane is the rarest one among the 15 species of precious cranes and also a unique kind of bird produced in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a national grade A protected animal and called one of the “national treasures” together with panda and golden monkey. Most of […]

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Grassland in Qinghai Province China

Qinghai Province has a huge area of grasslands about 38,590,000ha, accounting for 53.6% of the total territory of the province. There are 33,450,000ha of useable grasslands, which are mainly distributed in Haixi, Yushu, Guoluo, Haibei and other prefectures. The province has more than 23 million of various livestock animals, mainly including Tibetan sheep and yaks. […]

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Chahan River – grade A preservation forest park of China

Chahan River – a grade A preservation forest park of China As a grade A preservation forest park of the state, Chahan River is located in Baoku Valley at the southern foot of Daban Mountain in the northwest of Datong County. The elevation of the park is 2,860m; the area of woods is 1,400ha; the […]

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