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C Language Homework Help: Romantic Date Night as Reward

Tsinghua Girl Hu Ling C Programming Language Gate Scandal: A Girl Student from Tsinghua Universiy, China sells her body to senior schoolmates for C programming language homework.

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Love Letter to Milk Tea Girl, Cutest Girl in the World

Love letter Gate Scandal: A Romantic Love Letter from Pencile Case Guy to Milk Tea Girl, the cutest girl in the world and planet. Who Is The Cutest Girl In The World? Mini Culture will show you. Coming up next, a Cute High School Girl from China…

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Harem Elegance Scandal: Hot Chinese School Fancy Girl

Hot Chinese Hypochondriacal Girl Elegance Gate Scandal refers to a school fancy girl named Harem Elegance Girl and her various awkward words which came out on the micro blog of Sina website recently.

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Rate My Teacher Career: Why not to respect teachers?

Rate My Teacher: Why don’t you respect teachers? School Fights: Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict. A teacher compains the phenomemon that students and their parents do not respect teachers any more.

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