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Chinese kung Fu School: Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple is famous temple in the world, not only because of its long history and its role in Chinese Buddhism, but also because of its martial arts.

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Top 10 Surprising Methods of Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Training

Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Training: Here the author collects 18 surprising methods of Shaolin monks kung fu training, including Striking around in the whirling horse stance, iron buffalo ploughs the field, golden pheasant stands in solitude, Make a turn to tie a tiger

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Shaolin Kung Fu Training Schools in Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Kungfu Training School in Shaolin Temple: information on schools in Shaolin Temple, Wushu Guan. Training directly in the Shaolin Temple with private kungfu teachers.

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Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Masters and Shaolin Chuan Photo Gallery

Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Masters Show Their Shaolin Chuan. This article relates China Shaolin kungfu and relative Kungfu pictures. According to historical records, Shaolin Kung Fu originated from Northern Wei Dynasty.

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Chinese Martial Arts: External Styles Kung Fu and Shaolin Temple Martial Skills

Chinese Martial Arts: External Styles kung fu and Shaolin Temple Martial Skills You should know the Shaolin Temple if you want to learn Chinese Kung Fu. Also, you should learn Shaolin Chuan or Kung Fu if you know the Shaolin Temple. External Styles (Shaolin White Crane and Long Fist) (白鶴﹐長拳, Bai He, Changquan) Shaolin White […]

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