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Tai Chi Movement Concept and Essentials

tai chi Movement Concept and Essentials. Under regulation of “Root in Tai Chi”, Tai Chi has continually absorbed Tai Chi philosophy and gradually completed composition of philosophy and Quan theory in its long term practice, and now through Quanshu sports (Shadowboxing), Tai Chi may embody elegence of Tai Chi philosophy, exhibit brilliance of rational Tai […]

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Origin and History of Tai Chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements

Origin and History of tai chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements Creator of Tai Chi’s early technique, Chen Yuting firstly brought out the term of “Zhukao” in his posthumous work “General Songs of Quan Jing (Boxing Skills) referring to two persons depending on each other with hands and arms, “Crossing” means repeatedly […]

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Ancient Chinese Kung Fu and Its Influence on Tai Chi

Ancient Chinese kung fu and Its Influence on tai chi Chinese ancient Wushu has been developing in thousands of years of simple weapon age on the basis of the philosophy of “One Yin and one Yang forms Dao”. In the middle age of Ming dynasty, the ancient Wushu reached its peak, yet still adhering to […]

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Ancient Chinese Kung Fu based on Yin and Yang theory

Chinese kung fu with its principle of “To exercise in accordance with Yin and Yang” firstly appeared in a literature of pre-Qin dynasties. Among which the most characterized ones were “A Yue Woman’s Exposition of Swordplay” in the end of the spring and Autumn Period (770—476 B.C.) after Pa Kua, Hsing I or Zhou Yi […]

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Tai Chi affected and promoted the development of ancient Chinese Kung Fu

tai chi affected and promoted the development of ancient Chinese kung fu Yin and Yang dialectical principles in Tai Chi Diagrams for Tai Chi Devevelopment The appearance of these Tai Chi Diagrams made the meaning of Tai Chi more intuitive and visualized. With development of the ancients’ research on the theory and phase of Tai […]

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Tai Chi Thought’s Influence on Chinese Wushu or Martial Arts

The word tai chi firstly appeared in “Zhou Yi or I Ching”, which was deemed as the best sutra by Chinese academia. “Zhou Yi and Xi Ci Shang” stated that: “Yi has Tai Chi, it generates Two Elements, the Two Elements generate Four Phases, and the Four Phases generate Bagua, the Eight Diagrams”. Among which, […]

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