Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal With the cooperation of all the scientists in the world and the collaboration of the governments from different countries, we see the hope of human. Earlier, we needed at least several decades of time to discover a new pathogen. But till the end of last century, we just needed one year or several months. But at this time, with the cooperation of all the scientists of the world, we discovered the pathogen and genome serial of SARS virus only in ten days. With the close collaboration among different governments, social organizations and teams, the transmission channel of virus had been quickly cut off and the spreading of epidemic situation was controlled. But the care from different circles of the society makes us feel more about the cooperative strength of human. So it is not difficult to image that if all the scientists in the world shall be united and all the manpower, material resources and financial resources in the world shall be mobilized in maximum for the grand career of evolution of human being, the dream of eternal of life will be realized one day. The great predication of Wang Xiaoping is not the vacancy. When we are seeing that the science had reached up to the summit and when we feel the strong function of current society, will we be more optimistic to hope for that day to come? The defeating of SARS has given us an important inspiration: we really need to establish the psychological defense to fight against death ad we really need to build up a sky stair to go directly to heaven. The Second Declaration is the grandest cornerstone of this construction for human beings. I think the chapter that has the most innovative creation spirit and realistic meaning is Current Society Adjustment and Life Inspiration. Because becoming celestial beings commonly must need the strength of science and society. But in five factors of society strength, the first factor is the high and low quantity of society member. To improve the quantity of society members, current society adjustment and life inspiration is the most effective ways besides education. The author thought that once our society had formed the completed moral mechanism of “good is rewarded with good and evil with evil”, the moral dilemma of the whole society would not be existed at all. But “Karma” and “Last Judgment” are all a kind of faith and have not any restraint for human beings. The author put forward the social technology of “Library of Merits and Values” to push the mechanism of life inspiration. This is a kind of information library and can fully and realistically record and storage the merits and values of every member of this society. For the commonweal career of this society, especially for the career of becoming celestial beings commonly, it has the great performance for recording big merits and values of human beings. And then, we will put a premium on life and allow the people who are excellent to live longer life. This not only will allow every one to compete to make contribution for this society, it also promotes very one want to be a person who has credit and moral. This will greatly promote the evolution of human beings to celestial beings. I really hope this book will be made into tele-film to allow more people to directly understand the advanced thought of The Second Declaration. I earnestly hope that the foreign version will come into being as soon as possible to trigger the attention of the whole world. This book is worthy of human declaration. It declares battle toward death and carries out the progress toward eternal of life. It is the first common creeds that people realize they are human beings and they swear to re-create themselves, re-create their life and change their destiny. She definitely expressed the common aspiration of human beings and represented the fundamental benefit of all human beings. Therefore, it has more rallying point, attraction and agglomeration than any other parties, religions and social organizations. Why The Second Declaration surprised the world people and had such as strong convulsion? Except above reasons, it is also because it is guided by many scientific theories and is based on a large number of scientific results. The Second Declaration is just like a huge volcano that shall be erupted immediately. The effort and dream of many distinguished people in thousands and hundreds of years is the infinitude power of this volcano. This book fully, systematically, scientifically, deeply and vividly described the future and great blueprint of human beings. It not only disclosed the possibility and necessary of the evolution of human being into celestial being, it also had the delicate planning. It not only analyzed the existing obstacles, crisis, and roots of this evolution process, it also pointed out the direct ways to conquer these obstacles and to go across the crisis. The author’s true feeling, enthusiasm, verve, courage and bosom, creativeness, imagination, discernment and recapitulation make people be amazed, moved and encouraged and I only want to join in this great career. I dare to say, if Wang Xiaoping is a governor, and then because of this book, she will become a president; if Wang Xiaoping is a student, and then because of this book, she will become a scholar.——It looks I am right: she is not a governor, so she is not a president; but she is a student, so she has already been a scholar, but it is not because of this book. She had delivered the academic report about “Dacheng Education” towards many experts and scholars at her age of 17 years old by standing at a national educational academic platform, which had triggered a great stir. At her age of 18 years old, she opened “the serial lectures of Great success Education” in colleges with the identity of a researcher. At the age of 19 years old, she wrote a book of The Secrete of Dacheng by her cooperation with another writer. At the age of 20 years old, she independently wrote a book of Capability Panic. The Second Declaration is a futurology book written by she at her age of 21 years old.

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