Self Defense Training Classes: Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Lessons

Self Defense Training Classes for women and kids: Self-defence tactics and self-defense lessons are an important part in the Chinese Shaolin kung fu shools curriculum. Self-defence combat plays an significant role in Chinese martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu shools. Self defence lessons for women and kids, learn self-defence techniques and tactics. Here we offer self-defence for women, self-defence for kids, self-defense manuals, self-defense weapons and knife defence class.

With all of these types of classes, the aim is to empower its practitioners both physically and mentally. Golden Lion Academy is no different however, we believe that kung fu martial arts for self-defence is more effective than short self-defence lessons.

Self Defence Training Classes for Women and kids: Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Lessons

Self Defence Classes for women and kids: Self-defence tactics and self-defense lessons are important in Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu shools curriculum. Learn self-defence techniques today, and you will be safe from now on. Do you believe it? What do you think about Chinese Kung Fu training classes?

So why is self-defence now very important?

In a society that is becoming more violent, it is now more important than ever to be well-equipped to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from physical aggression. Here are some introductory Kung Fu Training tips For Self Defence. You’ll find it useful.

According to recent Victoria Police statistics, the number of assaults across the state of Victoria has climbed from 21,939 in the 2000-01 reporting year to 31,020 in 2007. This represents an increase of approximately 41.4 per cent.

In metropolitan Melbourne alone, there was a 160.5 per cent increase from 226 to 589 cases reported in 2007. The surge in the number of assaults has now made it imperative to be able to protect oneself.

So, right now we should ask you this question: Can you defend yourself adequately?

We must clearly emphasize that Golden Lion Academy does not endorse violence in our streets or teach kung fu with the idea of starting a fight. Rather, it is our aim to teach self-defence techniques to empower our students so that if a situation does arise, our students can handle it appropriately before having to resort to violence.

So How much are self defence tactics?

Self-defence can have many interpretations. Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines self-defence as the “the act of defending oneself, one’s property, or a close relative”.

In the martial arts world this can be defined as the use of physical force to defend oneself. Importantly, this definition can only be applied if the someone feels that either themselves, their property or a close relative is in physical danger. In other words, if a person was to initiate, or seek out, a fight or attack, their actions can no longer be interpreted as self-defence. Rather, by law their actions can be interpreted as assault.

Self-defense Tools: Behaviour in the street

As part of the philosophy and discipline taught at the Golden Lion Academy, no one should ever seek out violence. Whether that is in self-defence classes or on the street.

If you are to encounter physical violence, you should avoid it if at all possible. For example, if you are walking down the street and do encounter aggression directed towards you, such as a hold up or a demand for your wallet, try and talk your way out of the situation or walk/run away if possible.

If it is not possible, follow their demands and inform the police as soon as possible. However, if things begin to escalate into violence, then appropriate physical self-defence may be warranted.

Basic self defense techniques – where to strike, how to strike

In any situation, the number one priority is to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. Therefore, a basic self-defence technique could be to simply run away if it is at all possible. However, if this is not possible and physical aggression is required, then the priority here is to complete your effective strikes as quickly as possible.

The target areas will vary from situation to situation but the basic principle is to incapacitate your opponent as quickly as possible. Our dim Mak pressure point defence programme teaches target areas such as the groin, solar plexus, throat and abdomen as effective vital points.

The strikes themselves need to be a balance of speed and strength. Although speed is imperative, the strikes must not be too quick so that it is not strong enough to create the desired effect. Conversely, if you are to put all our effort into making a very strong strike, it will be too slow and your opponent will be able to successfully fend it off.

Why self-defence training classes or lessons are effective

Self-defence classes taught as part of the kung fu curriculum at Golden Lion teaches students the correct balance between speed and strength so as to optimise the power and effectiveness of the strike.

Why is Shaolin kung fu classes better than short courses in self-defence?

There are many self-defence courses available to the general public to undertake. They include, but not limited to, knife defence classes, self-defence for kids, self-defence for girls, self-defence for women and specific martial arts for self-defence. Although these courses do have a place they do have the same long-term benefits you will gain from having kung fu classes.

These short courses are effective in teaching the very basics of self-defence. However, the scenarios presented in these lessons are very limited. For example, it is not often that your attacker will always approach you directly and cleanly punch or kick you.

You will of course learn basic techniques but they may not be sufficient to properly defend yourself against a vicious person. For example in a self defence class you learn how do a front kick, but in kung fu training you are taught how to do this kick in a better way, which is referred to as the Shadowless Kick, where your front kick becomes almost invisible to the attacker.

Often your assailant will throw multiple strikes. In this situation, kung fu students are more likely able to get themselves out of the situation.

Unlike self-defence courses, Chinese Shaolin kung fu students are presented with various scenarios which can prepare them for many forms of attack. It is with kung fu lessons that students are more prepared in the real world to look after themselves and their loved ones if physical danger arises.

If you’d like to learn how to defend yourself properly, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 for class times and fees or email us through our contact-us form.

Self Defense Training Classes for women and kids: Self-defence tactics and self-defense lessons are important in Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu shools curriculum. Learn self-defence techniques today, and you will be safe from now on. Do you believe it? What do you think about Chinese Kung Fu training classes?

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