Shennongjia between Yangzi River and Hanjiang River

Shennongjia locates in-between the Yangzi River and the Hanjiang River and is one of the key protection area of primitive vegetations in our country.

It’s said that our ancestor, Shennong, once lived here and he tasted all herbs in order to make medicine. The mountain rises very high in Shennongjia and a vast sea forest covers the entire mountain. Wild plants grow densely. It is said that there are wild men in the forests and this adds the mysterious color of the place. Looking from afar, the mountain hides behind mist and trees; while looking from nearby, visitors can see tall trees and beautiful flowers. If you pay a visit here, you will see all kinds of strange waterfalls, caves, rare fowls and beasts.

It’s a wonderland to escape from the society and it invites your curiosity.

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