Tai Chi Morphological Requirement: the Theory of Six Connections

The Theory of Six Connections is also a basic morphological requirement of tai chi, it is composed of “three out side connections” and “three inside connections”. The “three out side connections” refer to “connections of hands and feet, connections of elbows and knees and connections of shoulder and crotches in the forms of straight connection and counter connection. straight connection refers to connection of end parts, middle parts and up end parts of limbs in straight side of the body; counter connection refer to crossed connection of end part, middle part and up end part of an upper limb and a lower limb. The acupuncture points inside the body are estimated by mind; the points make aperture of each part connected. Such as the connection of shoulder and crotch, we should make the “Jian Jing” connect with ”Huan Tiao” in another side, thus the inner Qi in channels and collaterals will communicate. This refers to exercising will by mind, introducing Qi by will, moving the body by Qi in the theory of Tai Chi. Only the connection of parts and apertures can achieve “three inside connections” of “connection of mind and will, connection of will and Qi, connection of Qi and strength”. The Six Connections is an organic unified system; they effect, promote and limit each other.

Tai Chi Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Pushing Hands

In addition, Tai Chi has a specific requirement on basic posture of each part of the body, such as holding head, erecting the neck, rounding the crotch, shrinking hip, going down knees, putting down the hands, unfolding fingers ect. Those requirements make each slit of bone in the “parts” stretch, the real Qi in the body smooth, the muscles in a moderate tension and active status. As long as the inner mind launches, muscles will shrink rhythmatically, each part of the body will move and be connected with other parts in the process of movement.

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