Taiji converse movement principle

According to the basic principle of transforming of Yin and Yang, ending of Yin is just beginning of Yang, ending of Yang is just beginning of Yin. Repetition of transforming of Yin and Yang never ends. Every thing and phenomenon has its own process of beginning, developing and transforming, and always transforms into its opposing side. “Converse movement principle formed on this rule requires that tai chi practioners should follow the Yin and Yang transforming rule, begin movement from the reverse of final aim in order to receive the ultimate effect of exercise and strengthen it. Concrete methods could be divided into two kinds.

a. Moving consciousness of starting exercise reversely

In the movement method, the “converse movement principle” requires the practioners of moving consciousness of starting hand exercise reversely. Ancient composition of Tai Chi requires that moving course and tending of will and spirits should follow the rule that down “always” accompanies “up”, “forward” always accompanies “back”, “right” always accompanies “left”, and push a thing down before raise it. (Briefing of Thirteen Trends by Wu Yuxiang). Gu Liuxin summarized this technique and method as before “up”, “down” is necessary; before “left”, “right” is necessary; before “forward”, “back” is necessary; “up” and “down”, “right” and “left” always accompany each other; and so do “straighting” and “bending”. All of these follow the rule of reverse consciousness and starting before reaching goals. In addition, the principle also shows itself in manner of breathing. It requires that inhaling is closing and storing, exhaling is opening and issuing.(Tai Chi Table Five Key Works by Li Yishe). Namely, inhale and store strength when bend the limbs and trunk; exhale and issue strength when straighten the limbs and trunk. This method of moving hands and breathing in favor of issuing strength is different from usual breathing method as reverse. The principle, showing itself in movement strength, requires that converse rigidity into flexibility before hammer flexibility into extreme rigidity; extreme flexibility before extreme rigidity. (Tai Chi Table by Wu Yuxiang). The consciousness of starting exercise reversely penetrates into the movement manner of moving course and training procedure.

b. Technique and skills of attacking and defending of converse consciousness

In technique and skills of attacking and defending, converse movement principle requires that practioners should adopt the method of “attacking in order to defend” and ” defending in order to attack”, ad act carefully to pursue the technique of winning the strong by the infirm. In   “Tai Chi with Illustrations”, it is said that there are many schools in this technique. Although there are some differences in their method, one thing is all the same; that is to do not bully the inferior depending on strength, and modestly decline quickness by slowness. Bullying the inferior by strength and winning slowness by quickness is just inborn natural ability, having no bearing on movement level.(Tai Chi Table by Li Yiyu). Obviously, the usual skill is winning the inferior by strength; Tai Chi pursues the reverse method of winning strength by the weak.

After all, the principle of reverse movement Tai Chi requires seeking special reasonable method from common methods, and seeking method tallying with the order of nature from acquired practices.

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