Team meetings matter – Pressure of work

Team meetings matter – Pressure of work

Some of the most common constraints include:
Pressure of work – in today’s workplace, many people feel they just don’t have enough time to create space for team meetings. It’s easy to let the pressure of urgent work take precedence.
The need for continuous operation – many jobs require constant staffing – phones in call centres, help desks in retail outlets or production lines in manufacturing.
Shift patterns – many organisations operate shift working and this also makes it difficult to bring people together when they are on different shifts.
Part-time or flexible working – teams with a high proportion of part-timers may also find it hard to get together.
Team meetings matter
Team meetings do not have to be formal. They don’t have to be long. It’s far better to get together informally for a few minutes than never at all.
Here are some examples of how team leaders have been able to create opportunities in difficult circumstances:
A team leader in a drinks factory had problems getting people together because of shift patterns. He organised shifts so that there was time for short team briefings in the handover period between one shift and the next.
The owner of a riding stable found it hard to find times to get people together. Staff were regularly out with customers or busy with routine work with the horses during quieter periods. The owner realised that they all did meet up over coffee and she was able to use these moments as informal team meetings.
An office manager had difficulties in holding team meetings because phones needed to be manned continually. She hit on the solution during lunch with a colleague who had similar problems. The two teams agreed to arrange cover for each other’s phones for half an hour each week to permit the meetings to go ahead uninterrupted.
A computer repairs team that spends much of its time out in the field with clients had real problems getting together. Its solution was to get together in a service station café on a motorway that all the team members use.
Now do this
Think of the different teams you belong to or have belonged to in the past. How did they make sure they got together?

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