The Second Declaration: Both Chinese and English Bestselling Book

After its success in China, the Chinese bestseller titled THE SECOND DECLARATION is being on its journey to the English-speaking world.  In January 2008, it will be published with the 1st World Publishing, USA. By then, the English-speaking people have the chance to read this first Chinese book in terms of future thinking.  The Second Declaration has been popular for 4 years in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Actually when it firstly launched in the market, it was sold 70,000 copies within one month. Soon the Hong Kong Economy One-Week Publishing Group bought out its copyright of traditional Chinese characters. After the publication of its traditional Chinese edition, the book ranked first in bestsellers shelves within one week. In 2005, THE SECOND DECLARATION was republished with the Modern Press, with 300,000 copies in its sales volume. And in December 2007, the China Youth Publishing House will republish the book as the fifth edition.Read The Second Declaration or see Wang Xiaoping at

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