The Second Declaration that the future determines the present

The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping elucidates the truth that the future determines the present.

In such an era characterized by great changes, everyone should learn to understand the future, cope with the future and manage the future. In the author’s writing, the future is so fascinating. In a vivid style of writing, she opens out the development trend of future economy, the development trend of future culture, and the development trend of future mankind, telling everyone how to grasp these future trends so as to make better choices in academic career, occupation and undertaking, and how to choose better living modes.

The Second Declaration is a book on the secret of wealth that may turn out countless multimillionaires and billionaires, a life textbook that can help people to understand life, respect life and treasure life, and also an unprecedented marvelous book that will produce a far-reaching effect on mankind and the world. Starting from the rich and profound Chinese Culture, the book opens up a fascinating “Chinese Dream”, and turns it into the common dream of the whole mankind, trying to seek a new road for mankind to keep away from war, uproot terrorism and create a peaceful world for all people and all ages.

 The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping contains a great amount of information, abounds with profound ideas,shows a majestic verve,and displays an extremely broad mind. Its contents cover technology history of both China and foreign countries, general history of both China and foreign countries, anthropology, life sciences, esthetics, literature, futurology, economics, political science, contemporary high and new technology and so on, letting you enjoy “a luxurious feast of wisdom and knowledge”. Meanwhile, its profound analyses full of philosophical significance, its ingenuous  combination between the macro and the micro worlds, its novel and sharp viewpoints and its wonderful imagination will surely broaden your field of view, expand your mind, shock your spirit, kindle your mental sparks and bring about great impact and enlightenment to your thinking.

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