Travel Flights: Airports and Airfare Rates Guide in New Zealand

The main route of a New Zealand journey is airlines, for there are only two ways to get to New Zealand: cruising and flying. There are more than just one or two international airports, so you can compare the price and get the best one.

flights to new zealand

flights to new zealand

Flights to New Zealand tend to be long for most, as the country is a bit isolated in the South Pacific, but once you get here, it’s well worth whatever you might have to go through. Your New Zealand airfare rates will depend on a few things, like when you go and how far in advance you book. Cheap New Zealand flights can be hard to come by, but you can start by looking for New Zealand package deals that include discounted airfare. There isn’t a bad time to travel to New Zealand, but you should know that December and January tend to be the busiest tourist months, so it might be harder to find cheap New Zealand flights during these times. Thankfully, there are more than just one or two international airports here, which helps to make for a healthy variety of flights to New Zealand to choose from. Compare the rates, and you might find one to be considerably cheaper than the other.

Both the North Island and the South Island of New Zealand have a myriad of attractions that deserve attention, and you can visit both if you want. Since there are a bunch of international airports here, you can fly directly to a region that you want to focus on, depending less on ground travel in between. Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand, and it’s found in the northern region of the North Island. Volcanoes, geysers, mountains, beaches and so much more awaits visitors to Auckland, and the airport here sees some 20 foreign airlines that bring eager visitors to town. The Auckland airport certainly handles a good number of incoming flights to New Zealand, and there are so many attractions in the city itself, that it’s sure to suit your fancy. Of course, if you plan to enjoy the southern stretches of the country’s South Island, it might not do you much good to fly into Auckland. In this case, you might look for flights that land in the city of Queenstown. Known as the adventure capital of the world, you can enjoy yourself to no end here. Maybe a cruise at nearby Milford Sound is what you’re after, or perhaps you’re coming in the winter to ski.

Other South Island international airports can be found in the cities of Christchurch and Dunedin, both of which are wonderful travel destinations as well. On the North Island, Wellington, Hamilton, and Palmerston North offer international airports in addition to Auckland. Wellington is the capital, so you might imagine it’s a good bet to have a good number of incoming flights to New Zealand that might interest you. Don’t pass on the chance to visit the Museum of New Zealand-Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington if you are flying here. It’s one of the best museums in the world, and it can help you learn all about the country before you head out and explore. You’ll want to arrange your New Zealand airfare in advance if you can to help save money, though you might get lucky and find a last-minute trip deal if you are going on a whim of sorts. Some wholesale travel agencies are known to buy seats on flights to New Zealand, only to sell them later at a discount, so doing a bit of looking around is well worth it if cheap New Zealand flights are what you are after.

As mentioned, finding cheap New Zealand flights can be hard. This is because airfare to New Zealand tends to be pricy regardless, and you will likely end up paying quite a bit more than you may have already anticipated even when you find a good deal. Air New Zealand and Qantas Airlines are two major airlines that offer flights to New Zealand, while other big names like United Airlines and British Airways are you might inquire with them about specials. Of course, these days, finding discount flights anywhere in the world is made easier by the fact that so many discount travel companies can be found online. To help track down cheap flights to New Zealand, you might look to fly midweek or at hours when air traffic is slower. Various newspapers tend to list discounted travel flights, so you can peruse the Sunday edition of your favorite periodical for starters. Many travel advisors recommend that you look into travel insurance to help protect your New Zealand airfare. You never know what might come up, and if the airline should go bankrupt, you’ll not find the need to worry. Once you secure your New Zealand airfare, you’re on your way to enjoying a vacation practically without compare. For some, they might have wished they booked a one-way flight. It tends to be the kind of vacation destination that’s hard to leave. Start your search for New Zealand airfare now, and make that dream of a New Zealand vacation a reality.

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