Tropical Lovers' Paradise: Romantic Beach in Florida Called Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island is a great place to spend a quiet holiday. Just judging on the name,  we can know it’s really a good place to spend your honeymoon or hold your romantic beach wedding, but it’s far more than that. It is considered to be one of the best spots in Tampa Bay for fishing.

Just off the city of Dunedin in Florida Tampa Bay area along the Gulf Coast is a 385-hectare barrier island called Honeymoon Island. It is a sanctuary of nature that truly suits the island romantic name. The island is home to mangroves and virgin slash pine, as well as to a number of threatened and endangered species of animals and birds.

beach resorts

beach resorts

It was only in this century that Honeymoon Island got its romantic name. The earliest records tell us that the island was once inhabited by the Indian Tocobaga Tribe. And then, it became a haven for pirates, fishermen and traders. When someone established a hog farm on the island, the community has taken to calling the island Hog Island. By the 1930s, a land developer from New York came to the island and established it as a resort for newlyweds. And so, Hog Island became Honeymoon Island.

Today, Honeymoon Island is a Florida State Park and a wildlife sanctuary, and it is open to tourists everyday from 8am until sunset.

Honeymoon Island is a great place to spend a quiet holiday. It is considered to be one of the best spots in Tampa Bay for fishing. Anglers can hope to catch trout, flounder, Spanish mackerel, and other kinds of fish.

Bird watching is another worthwhile activity to engage in when in Honeymoon Island. You can hike the trail alone or you can go with a group on a guided tour of Honeymoon Island. Going on a hike along the trail is the best way to see firsthand the beauty of Honeymoon Island and the species of birds living there. Great care must be taken when bird watching, however. Because many of the birds here are threatened or endangered, they must not be disturbed. If they get scared and leave their nests, they will leave their eggs or their young open to the attentions of predators. Turtles and armadillos are also common on Honeymoon Island.

Honeymoon Island may be protected grounds, but it is also possible to go swimming and sunbathing here. The beach is four miles long, lined with pristine white sand that is common in the Gulf Coast region. It is perfect for some quiet lazing under the sun.

Swimming, however, is limited at the moment on Honeymoon Island because the park management is currently undertaking a beach nourishment project. A portion of the beach is, therefore, closed off to the public to avoid any danger from the equipment being used there.

But if you want some action, it is possible for you to get some on Honeymoon Island. You can play beach volleyball here or go surfing just off the park. The northern end of the island is said to be the best place to ride the waves on Honeymoon Island. Also, if you want to explore the mangroves, you can rent a kayak at the concession stand.

Honeymoon Island offers a quiet respite for people on a beach holiday in Florida but who are tired of the bustle at the beaches on the mainland. It is a place where one can relax in the bosom of nature.

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