Unit map – Roles and relationships of your coopereation team

Unit map – Roles and relationships of your coopereation team

Section 1: Growing your team

We start by helping you to consider how effective your team is at the moment. We explain the stages a team works through, rather like a child growing up, so you can work out what stage your team is at. Lastly we give you some tips for helping your team to move on to the next stage, and to avoid going backwards!

Section: 2 Roles and relationships

Teams are all about people. Your team needs people to fill a range of roles, like coming up with ideas and challenging opinions. We help you to identify the roles your team needs, and how to be sure you fill them. Then we give tips for nurturing effective relationships between team members, like respecting each others’ opinions, and for overcoming difficulties, like conflict and misunderstandings.

Section 3: Oiling the wheels

Like a machine, your team needs ongoing maintenance. We give you ideas for maintaining team identity and keeping everyone working together. We also help you to find processes your team can use to make decisions and solve problems.

Section 4: Looking outwards

Your team is one piece in the jigsaw of your organisation and beyond. In this section we help you and your team to look outwards so you get what you need from others, and they get what they need from your team. We give you tips for getting on with other teams.

Unit Into Action

To pull together everything you’ve learned in this unit, you’ll identify three priority areas for developing your team, and discuss and agree an action plan for addressing them with your team.

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