Wang Xiaoping, a girl endowed with both beauty and talent

Wang Xiaoping is a miraculous person, as her writing is so extensive and her thinking is so romantic;Her brilliant views and witty words may set people thinking.

Maybe, in the eyes of a scholar, her writing is not so sound, but I appreciate her romantic style and odd ideas;Her theory on immortals has carried on the ancient Chinese Culture on supernatural beings and Taoism,and meanwhile, it corresponds to the Chinese people’s psychology for pursuance of happiness, wealth and longevity, greatly contributing to the study on futurology and anthropology

Wang Xiaoping‘s viewpoints on human-centered productive forces and life economy are so accurate and novel,may enlighten our scholars and enterprisers;Her philosophy of respect of life and advocacy of peace also agree with our mind, so we feel very delighted. I hope Xiaoping and her team will keep the style of “orthodox books with an odd character”, center on one or two subjects, and make unremitting efforts, so as to achieve greater success.

 —-Hu Xingdou, an economics professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology, and economist

Please read The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping

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