Wang Xiaoping is a paradigm of great accomplishments

Recommendations and Praises from Personnel Scientists on The Second Declaration

Whenever Wang Xiaoping publishes a book,it will excite me. In spite of her young age, all she thinks about are issues that have tortured us grown-ups all the time.
I have spent many years studying theories on ideal mankind and future mankind all over the world, but have not dared to publish my findings yet.

People’s pursuit of the ideal society and ideal human has triggered the release of huge potential energy from them. In the past, no master designer’s blueprint was able to shake off the limitations of their time in politics, economy, technology and ideology. When we read those old scholars’ works on the ideal future human,the more we read, the more pessimistic we become, and the more we feel ourselves afloat in the air;But in reading Wang Xiaoping’s book on the ideal future mankind,the more we read, the more optimistic we become and the happier we feel. She has brought vitality to our life, and it is a youthful air full of sunglow. She has brought a brand-new style to the academic world and the thinking public, becoming the source of ever-flushing spoondrifts of wisdom.
I must recommend Wang Xiaoping’s book to the students of colleges, middle schools and primary schools of the whole country, because Wang Xiaoping is a model in “research-typed learning”, and a paradigm of great accomplishments. Now the educational world of the whole country is in a boom campaign for “research-typed learning”. Then, we may take a look at this little girl who started her research-typed learning at the age of 15. If we learn according to the need for creation, our learning will become more interesting, more exciting and more fruitful, and at the same time, we can also develop our good habit to choose knowledge, stress practice, and seek the result. Edison became a world-famous great inventor,just because he started creative learning from childhood. When I visited the movie lesson exhibition at Langye Road Primary School of Nanjing, I saw the books compiled by the pupils themselves… But Wang Xiaoping has surpassed such childish creative learning already, now she has become a person pondering about great issues of the world and a fairy among world celebrities. Anyway, the appearance of Wang Xiaoping is a miracle indeed.

–Lei Zhenxiao, an eminent scholar in personnel science

 Please read The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping

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