Wang Xiaoping Resume, Author of The Second Declaration

Wang Xiaoping, an author of best sellers, a scholar-typed orator and thinker,reputed as “Talented Girl”, “World-Shocking Genius”, “Goddess of Wisdom” and so on.

 All her books have been listed as best sellers, such as Dacheng success Theory, Ability Panic,  The Second Declaration and so on, winning wide recognition from readers of all walks of life, and getting thousands of letters from enthusiastic readers. Once Ability Panic was published, it was reported by scores of mass media agencies in a short time, and has triggered a strong reverberation from the society.

 She not only writes books and establishes her own ideology,but also intends to become a practicer of her thought. She has founded “Beijing Dacheng Research Institute of Education and Science”, trying to build it into “a base for spreading of advanced thought of mankind, and an integrating center of Dacheng wisdom in the world”, so as to work together with all friends sharing the same ideal in the world to “lead mankind in realization of Dacheng (great accomplishments) and push the world towards Great Harmony.”

 Her books, ideas and actions have impelled millions of people. An old man in his eighties ran up to the bookstore braving a downpour, just to buy her book;A college student was willing to give up his Bachelor degree resulting from his 13-year hard work, just for following the career she advocates;An educational worker came all the way from Xinjiang to Beijing in spite of the long journey, just to take a look at her;A top scholar in the academic world was so moved by her surprising achievements that he raised his thumb to her, saying: “So highly accomplished at such a young age, extremely promising,a genius, and a miracle indeed!”;An entrepreneur has been moved by her grand idea and has decided to invest all his assets of more than ten million Yuan in the Hehui Dacheng undertaking sponsored by her…

 This legend of hers can be traced back to the age of 15.In her first year of senior middle school, despite her No. 1 position in school record in her class (more than 70 points higher than No. 2 in her class), she gave up the fine prospect of going to college although everyone longed for it, and took a different road to success. She said: “Today,we do not lack doctors,but lack thinkers who can really guide the direction of advance of mankind. I wish to be such a thinker.”

Making such an unusual choice at such a small age, how extraordinary on earth is she? Making such shocking achievements at such a young age, what ability on earth does she have? Winning so unanimous praise from people in every walk of life, what charm on earth does she have? In this book widely praised as “an unprecedented marvelous work”, you will find the answers

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