Wang Xiaoping to Transcend Alvin Toffler

What is the true source of the crisis of mankind? It is the lack of thinking on our own future. The 21st century calls for real thinkers caring about mankind’s future. I wish to be such a thinker.

 In the recent two years, when people asked me what kind of books I was writing, I always answered:Something about futurology.

What amazed me was,people are so ignorant of futurology, and some people even do not know what futurology is.

Whenever I was faced with such a situation, my heart felt a stress, which made me more determined to write this book well.

In the West,anybody,whether statesman or entrepreneur, or just ordinary people, cares much about the future, longs to know the future, and books on futurology enjoy good sales.

The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler reached a sale of 20,000,000 copies, Megatrends reached 14,000,000 copies… In the West, futurology is a very hot branch of study, but in China it is a subject few people know! We are a nation that revels in history but despises the future. We are zealous for ceaseless remaking of historical plays,always play back the romances of China Emperor Qianlong or great deeds of Emperor Kangxi, in the golden hour of tv programs… For a time, all the TV channels were full of the swaying image of the plait, and the cry of “Zha”, “Zha” (“Yes” in the Manchu language) was heard all the time. In contrast, what American Hollywood is zealous for is producing movies on the subject matter of the future, such as “Star Wars”, “Trip to the Mars”, “Terminator”! By spying a spot, we may know the whole leopard. It must be admitted that,in our value tendency, history prevails over future,we lack the concept of the future, having been accustomed to the back-looking way of thinking typical of the agricultural civilization. However,if the future is lacking in a person, an enterprise, or a nation’s thought, he(her) or it will drop behind inevitably! Whoever represents the future will get the most votes. For instance,you have several production lines of 9-inch black-and-white IV sets, and they are brand-new. They are assets all right,yet, will there be many investors ready to buy your stock? Do you have a future market value? No! Only by facing the future and representing the future can you have value, hope and glory! In the 1990’s when the Internet age was at hand,as the richest man in the world and magnate in the computer circle, Bill Gates failed to predict timely its stunning long-term prospect and developing speed , so he almost missed the great chance of development.

I am sure,many Chinese know “The past determines the present”,but few know “The future determines the present”! Knowing “The past determines the present” is good,but knowing “The future determines the present” is even more important; we should value both fallback way of thinking and forward way of thinking, pay great attention to both history and futurology. Future trends and patterns may determine our current general objective and general direction, and determine what we should do now. Chinese people are in dire need for a revolution in ways of thinking, and in dire need for an enlightenment project in outlook of the future and futurology!

A friend laughed: Writing this book, do you wish to be the Toffler in China?

Toffler,just the author of the futurological book Third Wave that was selling well all over the world in 20,000,000 copies, the American who brought up the concepts of postindustrial society and information society and is regarded as “the greatest futurist throughout history in the West”.

I don’t want to be the Toffler in China, but wish to surpass Toffler!

Toffler chiefly studied the future society (bringing up the concepts of postindustrial society, information society and so on) and the future economy (putting forward the concept of knowledge economy and so on),but has done little in future research on mankind itself. Yet,the most important thing is the study on the future of mankind itself. Everything centers around the human. Both social development and economical development are for the development of mankind, and both future economy and future society should submit to and serve the future mankind. Hence,I lock my focus of research on the study on the future of human beings. Toffler cannot get out of the circle of future economy and future society, whereas what I am thinking about is man’s future and mankind’s future,and use mankind’s future development trend as the pivot to study the future economic and social development. My aim is to stand at the commanding point of mankind’s future development, and make breakthroughs surpassing all previous futurological theories and books.

The greatest value of Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave lies in his viewpoint that future economy will grow into information economy, but The Second Declaration does not only bring up the five major trends in future economy, namely, life economy, eternal life economy, pleasure economy, human-centered economy and universe economy,but also suggests the corresponding economic theories, such as the new industry theory that has transcended the traditional industry theory, the new productive force theory that has transcended the traditional productive force theory, all of which have never been touched by Toffler in his study on the future economy!

Moreover,Alvin Toffler only describes the future,but what mankind needs more is to plan the future;Toffler only predicts the future, but what mankind needs more is to create the future! The Second Declaration is meant to do macro planning for the most beautiful future created for all mankind. It does not only have descriptions and forecasts, but also contains designing and planning for the future.

What is more important,I think most sincerely about the future, from both the standpoint of China and that of the whole mankind.

The future is approaching us, we “cannot close our eyes”, and we must have the forward-looking way of thinking characterized by “The future determines the present”. Only by accurate prediction of the future can we make the correct strategies,and seize the commanding point of future development at the earliest time. Only in this way can we have frog-leaping development in the real sense, do real transcending, lead ahead in future, and become the great winners in future.

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