Talented Girl Wang Xiaoping Touches the Beauty of the Future

We feel, what the youthful Wang Xiaoping has brought us most is still a shock in ideology!
In the West, futurology is a very hot science. But in China, futurology is a subject hardly touched by anyone yet. Just as Wang Xiaoping said, in our value tendency, history prevails over future, our thinking mode lacks the concept of the future, as we are too accustomed to the fallback way of thinking of the agricultural age. However, if a person, an enterprise, or a nation lacks the idea of the future in their thinking, he (she, it) will lag behind for certain. Many Chinese know “The past decides the present”, but few people know “The future decides the present”. The future trend and pattern determine our present general objective and general direction, and determine what we should do now. The Chinese are in dire need for a revolution in thinking mode, and in dire need for an enlightenment project on the outlook of the future and on futurology.
When our interview was nearly over, Wang Xiaoping disclosed to us: She is devoting herself to the study on the future of China, and it seems that she will show some brand-new ideas again, opening a brand-new world again!
No wonder a Hong Kong mass medium commented Wang Xiaoping like this:
A little girl, but a great idea!
A little girl, but a great eyeshot!
A little girl, but a great mind!
A little girl, but a great world!
Exerted from No. 2 of 2007 of the magazine Elite of China and Foreign Countries

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