Wang Xiaoping Worried about a Wording

The whole nation calls for innovation in one voice. However,when the ideology is confined to a fixed, allowable, insurmountable and unbreakable scope, can we still have innovation?

 In choosing the name of this book,I cudgeled my brains for a long time, and finally I decided on “The Second Declaration”.

In my view, there are two declarations in mankind. The first declaration is to declare where mankind came from, and the second one is to declare where mankind is going to. When Darwin gave the world-shaking answer —- mankind has evolved from apes, it solved the question where mankind came from, being the first declaration. Knowing “Where mankind is going to” is more important than knowing “Where mankind came from”, and this book is just tries to answer this more important question.

Where mankind will go, is actually where mankind will evolve to. Plants and animals can only submit to the will of heaven, so they can only evolve naturally for thousands of years or billions of years. Only mankind can realize the objective laws in a scientific manner, thus, we can control and dominate our own evolution in a scientific way. Then,where should mankind evolve to?

 Apes —- mankind —-r ?

 I thought and thought: What kind of wording can describe accurately and vividly the consummate and highest level of evolution mankind will reach? I was worrying about this wording.

Searching here and there, pondering again and again … Ah, I found it at last! Nothing is more accurate and vivid than this word, Xianlei(仙类), the race of gods, namely, immortals!
 Mankind will certainly evolve into immortals, and that is just the “The Second Declaration”.

Just as mankind is a collective body, xianlei (the race of immortals) is also a collective term.

Why do I use “仙(immortal)” to describe the wonderful prospect of development of future humans? The sort of beautiful stories on gods (immortals) told in Shan Hai Jing (Classics of Mountains and Seas), Pilgrimage to the West and so on represent our ancients’ fine and attractive wishes of all kinds. The overall development of mankind mentioned by Marx is nothing else than the highest level of development of human beings in all aspects, such as virtue, intelligence, health, beauty, pleasure and so on. Especially in the aspect of “health”,it is not the ordinary good health or the longevity in the common sense,but refers to eternal living without aging. Moreover,in terms of virtue, the god is extremely kind, as we often describe a good person as “having the heart of a god”;In terms of intelligence, we always describe people with super talent as “shixian” (god of poetry), “gexian”(god of singing) and so on;In terms of beauty,we often describe the most beautiful person as “mei ruo tianxian”(pretty as a fairy or god);In terms of happiness, they enjoy limitless freedom, limitless happiness,living in the wonderland, having incomparable romances and amusement… Thus, we can say, “xian”(immortal or god) is the most ideal super person who has developed to the perfect level in all aspects including virtue, intelligence, health, beauty, happiness and so on!

“Xian”,is an image created in China’s traditional culture, and using “Xianlei” (the race of xian) to express the most ideal prospect reached by mankind by dint of modern high technology is a good combination between traditional Chinese Culture and modern technology, being an academic concept both full of Chinese character and full of creativity.
 Of course,it has also occurred to me that the term of “xian”(god) or “xianlei”(race of gods) may be hard to be accepted for some conservative people, or sound abstruse. If we change “xian” into “superhuman” and change “xianlei” into “super mankind”, it might be easier to be accepted. But there are many disadvantages in doing so. In fact,the old guards’ discomfort in heart only results from their bondage in ideology. Since this wording is more accurate, appealing and vivid, and is full of Chinese feature, why should we refuse it just because of the discomfort of some conservatives?

What we need most today is innovation,and what is most needed in innovation is an animated imaginative power, plus a daring spirit to break away from any bondage. Using “xianlei” as a term to describe mankind’s evolutional direction is a good creative wording as a result of breakthrough from the bondage of traditional ideas and conservative thoughts!

The other day,in my research process, I found, in his book Review of Development of Science and Technology (People’s Press, 1996), the great scientist Qian Xuesen said many times: “We shall turn everyone into gods in the future”. At the first sight of it,I clapped my hand for joy: It has just coincided with my saying “Mankind will evolve into gods”! Many years ago, even before the breakthrough in gene technology, Mr. Qian already used the term “xian”(god) to describe the development trend of future humans: It is really very commendable. According to the development in artificial intelligence and human body science, Mr. Qian thinks people may become “omniscient and omnipotent” in wisdom and ability like the gods in ancient stories. Nowadays,along with the breakthroughs in gene technology and a series of high technology, we are more hopeful to realize “living forever”, “let everyone become gods”,that is, we are more certain that mankind will evolve into immortals!

What struck me more was, when Mao Zedong talked about mankind’s future issues with some scientists such as Yu Guangyuan, Zhou Peiyuan and so on, he expressed his grand idea: “Mankind resulted from a birth, so it will die…… the earth will die, too. But the death of mankind or the earth mentioned by us is not like the Doomsday in Christianity. We say mankind will die, or the earth will die, because there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, which will represent a higher stage of development.” (See “On the Issue of Mankind”, p389 of Volume VIII of Collection of Works by Mao Zedong) Here, Mao Zedong not only mentioned the perishing of mankind, but also said the perishing of mankind is a great leap of mankind, “because there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, which will represent a higher stage of development”. Then,what are the “more advanced things”? If Mao Zedong could hear the good news on the quantum jump in gene technology on June 26, 2000, he would have doubtless pointed out further: “The more advanced things” are just “xianlei”.

In Chinese culture, xian is the highest and optimal prospect in human development. Xianlei represents the consummate and optimal prospect of human evolution and development by means of high technology. Whoever can find out an even more accurate, more vivid and more terse wording to stand for “something more advanced than mankind”, please tell me as soon as possible. I will thank the person with rich money.

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