What’s the sense of security for a girl/woman? Only money makes me feel safe

What's the sense of security for a girl/woman

What's the sense of security for a girl/woman?

What’s the sense of security for a girl/woman?

A house? For some girls yes, there are also some no.

A man’s love? Maybe.

Or let me say money.

Yes, for me, money makes me feel safe.(To be more clear, the money I earned by myself.)

Only money makes me feel safe

I have a wish. I wish I had more cash. Then I would save some for my partents, while the left I would spend in travelling abroad. I love the sea, so I definitly would go to the beach to enjoy the life.

As for man’s love? Oh, I’m not that lucky.

I have registed in CD for 7 years, now I’m single again. I’m reluctant to tell people how old I am even though I don’t look like the kind at my age.

When a woman here comes to her 30’s and is still unmarried, parents are worried about her and push her to get married or she would miss the best period of childbearing.

Should we marry someone just for catching the right time to have a baby?

I knew some women did that . You may not know I’m worried myself so much too, just don’t want to be one of them .

So I’ve tried several ways to look for Mr. Right. Somehow it’s just not my kind of thing. I lose my expectation now.

There is a saying: Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect.

Sometimes I think most of my friends got real love easily but me.

Never has a man given me security sense. That’s why only my money makes me feel safe.

I’m working on it and will get a few tests to try to get a good job which it could provide some opportunities to earn money to make my dreams come true.

“My Destiney” gives me a warm feeling although I don’t understand Korean

I used to question a lot that why it is so hard for me to find someone just comfortable to be around, thus I went to other province and made money for I did think that only money can give security until I was called back again and again by my parents, especially my Mom, to solve my “most important event in my life”. And I was not allowed to go to work until I met “someone”, according to my Mom as well as many other elder relatives. Actually it just happened this spring festival, less than three months. I found it unreasonable and ridiculous though I know what my Mom worried about.

I did meet the right one through blind date. Well, he was son of my Mom’s friend and we live quite near. And now, we are planning the engagement.

It proceeds too much sooner than I expected before, but I do feel good with him, so does he.

I do believe that if you wait for someone long enough and all of a sudden, unexpected, he/she will come to you as arranged.

That reminds me of US tv series How I Met Your Mother that Mother shows in the last season of the series (please regardless of the ending). Once you meet each other, you two fall in love quickly as if it compensates the past time you both waited for each other.

And guess what now?

What’s the sense of security for a girl/woman? What about you?

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