Wrestling Training: 7 Most Important Things to Remember

There are 7 most important things to bear in mind for training wrestlers. I am going to list and briefly describe those things.

1. Sandbag Training. I love the sandbags, you can do so many things with them and for wrestlers they are an incredible tool to work on grip strength and getting your wrestler strength up with the awkwardness of the sandbags is awesome! I love doing the Olympic lifts with them and also some of the isometric strength and just squatting and lunging with them.

2. Kettlebells. These are awesome for doing the Olympic type lifts as well and easier to teach. You are again getting great grip strength with kettlebells and learning to control your body while handling weight and forces going in different directions. I want you to remember with these you can do all your 1 legged deadlifts and squats as well as all the swings and snatches and also the turkish getup.

3. Body Weight. Obviously you need to be able to move your own body around so train with it, I want you to keep in mind that you will always be moving your body around and sometimes with somebody on you so try using a vest sometime while doing movement drills on a ball to add in balance. You need to remember to do pullups, chinups, and close grip and alternate grip pullups. You also need to remember to do plyos for both upper and lower body.

4. Isometric training. This is often overlooked and I wanted to remind you about the importance of isometric strength and to train for it. You constantly in wrestling find yourself in situations where you are resisting a force or trying to control your opponent and it is like an arm wrestling match at a stand still. If you can have that isometric strength edge over your opponent you will be in an advantageous position.

5. Ropes. Using battling ropes and ropes to pull sleds and to climb are awesome tools for wrestlers, once again the theme has been grip strength which you can’t have too much of and using these tools will also give you lat and shoulder and arm strength.

6. 1 sided training. Don’t forget to do 1 legged squats, 1 legged deadlifts, alternate chest press and all the other variations of training 1 side at a time and using balance and strength together.

7. Agility. Keep in mind you need to be a better athlete than your opponent and being more agile is a big part of that, use the ladder and hurdles to improve your agility and foot speed.

I know some of this is old news so hopefully it is a good reminder for you and I hope you learned something new!

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