Youth gone in an instant and beauty lost in a moment

“Youth is gone in an instant, and beauty is lost in a moment!” Xiao Feng chimed in: “I heard this was the sentence most often Spoken by women with a deep sigh in those days.”

 “What a pity! So to speak, countless beautiful girls were disfeatured by the sharp knife of time! But in those days there was indeed no force to save them!” Gaoqiao Xue, Wen Min, Qiao Er and Lemon got into meditation. They sighed for the fate of the past women,and also felt so happy about the present people who can not only enjoy a long life but also keep young forever! Among them, the oldest is the 667-year-old Qiao Er, and among those admiring Qiao Er are persons ranking from 19 to 37, 57, 97, 177,277, 477, 877… in age.

The Second Declaration: Subversion of Tradition and Fetal Movement of Future

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