4 steps to learn kung fu defense techniques against straight punch

kung fu has been popular all around the world. First developed as a form of protection, the defense techniques of kung fu are integral, whether taught as a fitness method or a competitive sport. An essential part of kung fu defense is learning to block a the common straight punch.

self defense-kung fu

self defense-kung fu

Step 1 Begin blocking a straight punch by moving the attacker’s arm away from you as he pushes forward with his arm. As you dodge left slightly, lift your right hand and strike the back of your wrist against the attacker’s wrist and push until it is just off your centerline. The first block should be a sweeping motion, pushing across your body, up and then striking his arm on the inward swing.

Step 2 Continue the motion with your right hand as you lift your left hand to the attacker’s elbow, blocking against an elbow strike to the face or upper body. Push in hard with the palm of your open hand on or just above the elbow.

Step 3 Chamber your right hand as you are blocking the elbow, bringing your fist into your side with your arm tight to your body. Step forward and throw a right punch into your attacker’s ribcage.

Step 4 Practice this kung fu technique for blocking a straight punch repeatedly and slowly until you master each step. Once perfected, you can begin to work on speed and strength, as well as follow up moves for dropping your attacker, such as the choke hold or the knee strike.

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