4 Steps to Perform a Karate Wheel Kick

It is necessary for Karate learners to master wheel kick techniques. The karate wheel kick is a circular technique that is often used as part of a striking combination. Power for the kick comes from speed and momentum, as opposed to muscle and strength. Because of its arc-like delivery, the wheel kick is a long-distance technique. The foot must travel further to reach its target during this kick than is necessary for other kicking techniques. Therefore, careful timing and execution is vital for delivering an effective wheel kick.

Karate Wheel Kick

Karate Wheel Kick

Step 1 Assume a high fighting stance. Your plant foot is in front and your kicking foot is in back. The stance is nearly as wide as your shoulders, and your feet are approximately 2 feet apart. Your knees are just slightly bent, and your hands are held loosely in front of you to protect your upper body.

Step 2 Bring your kicking foot up in front of your plant foot. Twist your kicking hip inward and move your kicking foot on the other side of the plant foot, crossing your legs at the ankles. Do not step too wide. Your feet should be close enough to touch each other.

Step 3 Point your kicking foot. The outside edge of your foot will be your striking tool.

Step 4 Swing your kick in a circular motion from the inside to the outside of your body. Your leg should follow an arc pattern in front of your body and then revert back to your original fighting stance.

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