5 steps to choose the right martial art for you

Choosing the right martial art depends on what you want to get out of it, and what you are willing to put into it.

martial arts

martial arts

Step 1 Determine what you, as an individual, want to get out of practicing a martial art. Do you want better physical fitness? Do you want a practical way to defend yourself? Or do you want to develop spiritually? Perhaps it is a combination of these reasons.

Step 2 Keep in mind any physical limitations or conditions you may have. Like any form of exercise, martial arts when practiced improperly may cause or aggravate injury.

Step 3 Educate yourself about the martial arts. Bookstores and public libraries normally have books about martial arts. It is a good idea to get an encyclopedia of the martial arts that discusses numerous styles and forms. It is also important to watch the martial arts in action. Going to youtube and watching martial arts videos is a good way to acquaint yourself with how martial arts are practiced.

Step 4 Once you have decided which martial art(s) you want to practice, go to a center that teaches those arts. Most centers and dojos offer a free introductory class for beginners. Be sure to ask the sensei or sifu any questions you may have.

Step 5 Commit to practicing the martial art. Mastering a martial art is not easy, and can take years, if not decades of dedicated practice. Being a martial artist is a process of continuous growth and development.

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