6 Steps to Do Kung Fu Front Kick

kung fu front kick is a style that active learners have to master. A front kick, also called a snap kick, is used in virtually every martial arts style that incorporates a kicking routine. The front kick can easily be mixed in with other hand techniques and is the simplest kick to learn and implement. Also, because the front kick is the least likely to be grabbed by an opponent, it can be used to quickly strike the lower and midsection of a target. Use this article to learn to execute a front kick from a right forward stance.

kung fu front kick techniques

kung fu front kick techniques

Step 1 Put your right foot in front of you.

Step 2 Put most of your weight on your front foot (right foot).

Step 3 Lift your back leg and raise it in front of you. While raising your back foot (left foot), bend your back leg.

Step 4 Hold your back leg in front of you with your knee somewhere between your chest and waist.

Step 5 Extend your leg in a quick snapping motion. Curl your toes up and hit your target with the ball of your foot (the part of your foot that forms a bump when you curl your toes up).

Step 6 Bend your back leg and return it to its original position.

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