6 Tips to Make Wrestling More Decent

Wrestling should have been a healthy sport. It provides entertainment for the viewers or fans. But we see the kind of violence in the sport today. How to make wrestling more decent? What should be done? I think the following should be done to help restore some level of sanity back into the game:

1. Restrict the use of weaponry in and outside the ring. There should be punishment for anyone who uses weapons on another person.
2. Fight between two persons should strictly be fought by only the two of them; no external assist.
3. Wrestlers should be restrained from using abusive or foul languages
4. There should be fines against a wrestler who attacks his fellow in the dressing room or during joint press conference.
5. Suspension or banning of anyone who jumps into the ring to disrupt a fight or help one against his opponent.
6. Fine against anybody who intentionally knocks down an umpire in order to win by tricks.

I feel that when these few recommendations are enforced there would be decency in wrestling again and our children would no longer learn extreme violence from there.

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