A Bestseller Writer Story: Wise Girl Wang Xiaoping

I have interviewed many people for news stories. Some of them are so amusing as to make you laugh your heads off, some are so touching as to move you to tears, some may damage your mood or depress you. But I feel, the story about Wang Xiaoping is most effective in encouraging people to make a hit.Interview of Talented Girl Wang Xiaoping: Keep Creative Writing Without EndWang Xiaoping: an Amazing Talented GirlAs a girl, she quit school at the age of 15 and began her research-typed learningAt the age of 17, she stepped onto the tribune of a national educational academic seminar, lecturing to experts and scholars, and creating a sensation.At the age of 18, she held a series of lecture courses, her wonderful speeches and witty questions and answers won applause from the audience continually, and her story was covered by many mass media. Meanwhile, in the newspaper, she ran a special column of “Interesting Talks on Dacheng Science” (26 issues altogether), winning a wide welcome from the readers.At the age of 19, in collaboration with others, she wrote Dacheng Secrets: Transcending the American success Science. The book was regarded by experts as “a magnum opus on success sciences with a Chinese character”, and was greatly favored by its readers. Right in the month of publication, 5000 copies were added in the printing.At the age of 20, she published her Ability Panic. In the first printing, as many as 30,000 copies were printed; in a short period, it was reprinted for 7 times, with a sales amount exceeding 100,000 copies, causing a great reverberation from the society. For a time, Ability Panic became a fashionable phrase on everyone’s tongue.At the age of 21, she wrote out The Second Declaration, a wonderful book that challenges the great futurology master of the world, Toffler, and offers a planning for mankind’s future. As soon as the book was finished, Hong Kong Economy Week Publishing Group Company did an outright purchase of the copyright of the original Chinese form of the book and her other books in the global market of overseas Chinese. After it came into the market of Hong Kong, in a short period, it became one of the best sellers in books of social science. China Economy Press launched it into the market of Chinese mainland with the minimum printing number of 80,000, and triggered a great sensation soon. Many mass media covered the story, such as Guangming Daily, Beijing Evening News, China Books Gazette, CCTV, Beijing tv Station, Beijing Radio and Television Broadcasting Station and so on.The name of this girl is Wang Xiaoping.

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