Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up on New Show with Other Male Actors?

Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up

Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up

Singer Actor Aaron Yan in Pink News again: Gui Gui and Aaron Yan Made Up On ‘Wo Ai Hei Se Hui’?! And the real question is: Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up on New Show with Other Male Actors or Singers?

Aaron Yan and Gui Gui Story: Did Aaron Yan and Gui Gui of Pi Li MIT really have a fight with each other?! Today Aaron Yan and Gui Gui cleared things up by their actions when they went on Channel V’s Wo Ai He Se Hui. Channel V’s Hey Girl came together to welcome the guests as well. As to whether Aaron Yan and Gui Gui had a fight, it was not seen at all. But Xiao Gui, felt that the scene was not hyper enough, emphasizing that Aaron Yan and Gui Gui really didn’t fight, it’s just that they like to have small squabbles like little children. For instance, there was once when Aaron Yan said that Gui Gui could not act, making Gui Gui fight back in defence, saying that Aaron Yan acts like a girl. As the cat was let out of the box, it caused Gui Gui to feel so shy that she felt like digging a hole to hide herself. She then said, “We really didn’t fight!”

Not long ago Aaron Yan told the media that if the viewership ratings of Pi Li MIT were to break 5, he would drive a motorcycle bare naked. During the filming of Wo Ai He Se Hui today, Xiao Gui was asked what he would do. Without any hesitation, he said that if the ratings were to break 5, he will kiss Aaron Yan, if not he will go bald. Gui Gui exclaimed, “So meek.” When this question was posted to Gui Gui, she exclaimed that if they hit their goal, she would shave her head bald and meet everybody without any make-up. This remark made Xiao Gui and Aaron Yan very surprised, making their doubt whether this is a good thing to do. Gui Gui then exclaimed, “Don’t you guys know that there is a thing called a wig?”

This blog gives the following details: During the program, there was a request for Aaron Yan and Gui Gui to present how the kissing scene went in the drama. Xiao Gui himself knew that this is what the media is looking for, it must definitely appear in the papers. Just when the atmosphere for the kissing scene was right, just when they were about to kiss, just when the photographer was to take this rare shot, Xiao Gui grabbed the chance to stand in front the two of them, causing the photographer to laugh out loud. But still the latter scolded, “I can’t see the pair behind!”. Xiao Gui had no choice but to stand behind and make funny faces. When the time came for the kiss, Gui Gui bent down, and Aaron Yan bent down as well. This was all to help their dear friend have a chance of appearing on the papers, leaving an interesting scene.

Arron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up on New Show with Male Actors? They had many secrets to share given the long time that Gui Gui, Aaron Yan and Xiao Gui had together on set. Gui Gui mentioned that Xiao Gui has real good affinity with pretty women. During filming, many pretty women will come and visit him, such as Zhou Cai Shi, Ding Wen Qi, and a classmate with the body of a model. This was very unlike Fan Wei Qi and Gui Gui, who only had Xiao Xun of Hey Girl etc. to come and visit. Aaron Yan laughed, saying that he is even more worse off, only Wu Chun came to visit him. This caused everybody to laugh.

Gui Gui also mentioned that during the director’s birthday, she had arranged with Aaron Yan to act nonsensically to make the director angry, and then come out with a birthday cake as a surprise. Who knew that Aaron Yan got weak knees, and had to tell Gui Gui in secret, “I don’t dare to do it.” But this gave Gui Gui a chance to show a KUSO spirit. She acted badly, causing the director to get mad at her. After the scoldings, it was clear that her mission was accomplished, so she continued to act nonsensically, making the director flare up at her. He scolded her very badly, even all the swear words started to come out, causing Gui Gui to cry on set. But she didn’t forget her mission. In the end, she brought out the birthday cake, crying as she celebrated the director’s birthday, causing the latter to feel extremely apologetic.

Fahrenheit Fei Lun Hai Pink News. Gui Gui in love (?); Aaron Yan extremely flattered making him scared. Gui Gui in love with Aaron Yan (?), talks also a lot of nonsense, dreaming that she had to married with him, let Aaron greatly spits the trough!(?)

mouth drops open Haha wow. Adorable xP now I can’t wait to watch Pi Li MIT!!!! aaron yan blog, no, I am not sure. But you may read this news titled Singer actor Gui Gui falls in love, Aaron Yan flattered Frightening

wonder how mellysa’s gonna react to this. I love Calvin only and Calvin alone forever. Srry if the pic takes up too much space. haha neway hi there yeah so sorry…..I found it there so I thought the credits shud go there and hi how did you find this forum?? In the drama, Gui Gui likes Aaron and pursues him. In reality, Gui Gui has never pursued anyone before. Aaron, on the other hand, was pursued by one girl from middle school all the way to college. At the time, the girl would always call his house. Aaron says: “After a while, I got annoyed. So I would just put the receiver aside and let her talk and talk.”

Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up on New Show with Other Male Actors? I totally want to watch this espisode!!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait to watch the episode too! when will it air????!  guilun is just so cute together anyone know when this episode of wo ai hei se hui will air? Gui Gui and Aaron are so nice, letting Xiao Gui be on the picture! and saw a little bit of this episode, but I’m not sure where I saw it, but there was clip where Aaron or Xiao Gui made Gui Gui cry… and then Aaron or Xiao Gui (not sure which) gave her a letter that said “Happy Birthday” i think… but ya that was really cute!!! ANYWAYS can I request someone to give the English SUBTITLES for this episode! Cause I really want to know what there saying!

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