Absolute Impossibility and Three Sufficients

Someone says: Who has ever seen a person with eternal life?

None. From the ancient till now, 80 billion individual lives in mankind have died, but not a single person with eternal life has appeared. Thus, it can be seen, eternal life is absolutely impossible.

However,to this answer “none”, we have to add a modifier: “up to the present”.

Not having seen, or not having appeared, does not equal “absolute impossible in future”. Among the ancients thousands of years ago, who had ever seen an automobile, a train, or a plane? Who had ever seen the telephone, tv, or computer? They had never seen and were totally unable to image them. If someone of that time said there would appear planes, TVs, computers, they must think that person was talking about a dream. All those that were incredible and absolutely impossible in the past have become ordinary things today.

We can never conclude that eternal life can never be realized just because it cannot be achieved for the time being;We should never assert that something will never appear just because it has never appeared in the world. No one can use any reason to prove we can never make breakthrough to human lifetime limitation, hence, any judgment arbitrarily made about the impossibility of eternal life is a hooey uttered very irresponsibly to mankind.

Since there is birth, there must be death: that is a result of natural selection;Since there is birth, there must be eternal life: that is a choice made by mankind itself. We admit all laws are dependent on conditions, then,why can’t mankind create conditions to change the present law and gain eternal life? From non-existence of the condition for eternal life to existence of the condition for eternal life, it is an earthshaking change, and we mankind have the power to bring about such an earthshaking change.

 Eminent scholar Zhang Shaohua had a very wise saying in his Spirit of the Universe:”Germs have a history several billion years longer than mankind, but they are still germs today;Ants have a history several hundred million years longer than mankind, but they are still ants today;Hundreds of millions of years have passed, but the turtle is still the turtle as before. On the contrary,look at the life of mankind of the present time, and then look at the life of mankind one hundred years ago, one thousand years ago, and ten thousand years ago… What great changes have taken place!” People are not ants,not tortoises,people can change their own fate,causing earthshaking and unprecedentedly great changes to their own fate! The development of modern science in the recent one hundred years can be described as “a thousand miles a day” and “changing with each passing day”, especially, today mankind has already entered the century of life sciences, having made quantum jumps in the field of life research. We shall uncover all kinds of secrets of human life gradually, so, many “absolutely impossible” things will become reality in the measurable future.

In this world,so long as we have the “three sufficients”, namely, sufficient intelligence, sufficient investment and sufficient time,any impossible wish may be turned into vivid reality. Eternal life is no exception. So long as we have sufficient intelligence, sufficient money input, and sufficient time,eternal life will be realized for certain.

We have the sufficient intelligence, i.e. we can unite all the intelligence of the whole mankind, not merely utilizing the intelligence or wisdom of some people, but uniting all the mental power of mankind. By global computer networking, and by constant upgrading of Intelligentization, human intelligence will be amplified by zillions of times. By focusing such a matchlessly great intelligence on the technology of eternal life, the potency, efficiency and achievement of eternal life technology will be zillions of times more than now! By concentrating mankind’s limitless intelligence on the undertaking of eternal life, we shall have the “sufficient intelligence”; by the greatest input of financial resources, material resources and human resources of the whole mankind in the undertaking of eternal life, we shall have the “sufficient investment”. What we shall invest will not be several million dollars, nor several billion dollars,but billions or zillions of dollars;The human power will not be a handful of men on the earth, but billions of people joining this great undertaking. To the sufficient intelligence and sufficient investment, we shall add the sufficient time. If 30 to 50 years is not enough, let’s use 100 years; if 100 years is not enough, let’s use 200 years, 300 years or longer. How can you say eternal life can not be realized?!

Eternal life is mankind’s eternal wish,and in order to realize this wish,our ancestors have made unremitting explorations. In the present time characterized by great leaps and bounds in science and technology, and by unprecedented liberation of man’s thinking, why can’t we break through the old defective and superficial concept? Why should we restrict ourselves to a limited area like a prison and regard eternal life as a forbidden zone? All things in the world can be changed through mankind’s efforts, then, why can’t the duration of human life be changed through the joint efforts of the whole mankind? Science and technology have already turned lots and lots of uncanny fantasies into vivid realities, and what’s more, now that the development of science and technology is being increasingly accelerated and their power is becoming more and more magical, why can’t we turn the fantasy of eternal life into reality in future?

Any person with a good head and sufficient wisdom should believe firmly:So long as we have sufficient intelligence, sufficient money input, and sufficient time,mankind will realize eternal life for certain!

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