Absolute Preciousness of Life

A person’s life is the person’s total most essential interest;The people’s life is the people’s total most essential interest. Treasuring life limitlessly is absolutely necessary. Treasuring life most is the greatest virtue while treasuring life least is the greatest evil.

Life’s absolute essentiality and absolute “once” character determine the absolute preciousness of life.

There is such a story:Someone ran across a successful person, complained about his abject poverty to the latter and asked for advice.

The successful man only smiled, and then asked him: “If I use ten thousand dollars to buy a hand of yours, will you agree?”

“If I lack one hand, how can I work?” He shook his head.

“Now, what if I offer a hundred thousand dollars to buy one foot of yours?”

“A thousand-mile journey starts with the first step of my feet. I can get one hundred thousand dollars all right, but my journey from now on will be a terrible zero!” The successful man nodded the head,then, in a way of bargaining in the marketplace, he said: “Then,I offer one million dollars to buy your head, OK?”

The man said sulkily: “Without the head, there will be no life. Without life, what use will money have? Even if your money can keep my life, I will lose my thinking and lose my creative power!”

“OK,” the successful man said gravely, “You possess sturdy hands and feet,a flexible brain,and a healthy life. That shows you own at least one million dollars of wealth. How can you say you have nothing?!”

Of all things, the most precious is human,and in a human, the most precious is the life. For a nation, the most precious thing is not the great deal of gold or foreign exchange it has reserved, nor its land or other resources,but the health of its people and the life of its people!

Americans seek “zero injury and death”,so, for the sake of zero injury and death, they carry out a “luxurious war”,which is not worthwhile in the eyes of some Chinese. A Chinese senior colonel mocked at the seemingly business-minded American army in his Ultralimit War, saying they should put tonnages of dollars for the “zero injury and death”, US soldiers were as precious as jade porcelain vases that were so fragile. He questioned “whether such a practice is worth while”. Just because of the tenet to save the life of an ordinary soldier, we have the film Saving Soldier Ruien directed by the American film director Spielberg. They sent a team of soldiers to return a son to his heartbroken mother. It could be possible only when we have understood the absolute preciousness of a person’s life.

In education, the most precious is life education; in science, the most precious is life science; in culture, the most precious is life culture.

Those who struggle for mankind’s life, for the prolonging and well-being of mankind’s life, are the most real, most kind and most beautiful people, and their contributions are the greatest contributions, so, they will win the greatest respect for certain.

There is nothing more important than human life, and life is priceless. That is a common sense. The greatest truth is often the most ordinary common sense,the plainest truth. Many people and many nations often neglect it or overlook it unknowingly because this truth is the plainest and commonest. Montaigne (French thinker) said: “Of all the weak points we have, the rudest one is contempt of our survival.” Since human civilization has progressed to the 21st century, we should overcome this rudest weak point resolutely and completely.

Life is priceless, and it is a common sense, a great common sense our society and our world should highlight as much as possible. In the present time characterized by high technology, high risks and high fickleness, if we are still muddleheaded about this most fatal “common sense”, there will be no reason to excuse in any case.

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