Acclaim for the Birth of Great Thoughts

Obviously, the author wants to emphasize the importance of the thought put forward by this book and to mention it in the same breath of evolutionism. And it guides the evolutionism as the first declaration of human. To think carefully, it may be not reasonable. Evolutionism is to discover and admit the existing fact and principle, and thus had completely denied the deceit that it was the God who had created the human. But what is the difference between people and the God and people and the nature principle, that seems like a “destined” thing, for example, the slave want to fight for not being the slave again, so they could issue declaration. But if they had known that they were slaves and would be slaves from this generation to the next generation, shall it be called declaration again? Definitely, the evolutionism of Darwin had made a great contribution to today’s this book that is the declaration of human. After all, they are the quiet different two things. The Second Declaration wants to announce: we will not to be the human to abide the nature order of coming into being and die of old and disease. We will be celestial being that will not die. This is the great predication based on many outstanding science and technology results and will also is the human’s first whoop toward our mother earth for these 3 million years. Jostein Gaarder, a Norway author, said when he was describing the concept of “monism” in his book of Sophie’s World that The God dominated this world by the nature principle. While, today, human are dominating this world by The God’s principle and dominate their life. Now, you will know that how great and deep meaning the “first” have. After reading this book, you will know that the two sentences on the cover of this book is not the flubdub but amazing words. Definitely, the publishing of this book is a great event in the history of human. And the event itself is amazing. Wang Xiaoping, the author of this book is young girl and she was only 21 years old when she wrote this book. I think the people who represent human to issue this declaration must be qualified two conditions: firstly, it is knowledge and thoughts; secondly, it is the pure heart of being children. While, these two conditions always are paradoxical. The knowledge and thoughts, especially the thoughts, are always need the time to accumulate; While, during the process of growing up, people will become mature and not easy to keep a heart of children. So, people will be easily to think the charmed and abusive words of “genius”! But if it is not at the 21st century, or not at the ground of China, this declaration may not be born and even shall come into being, it still can not grow up. And even, it shall grow up; it can not have today’s or tomorrow’s effect. Therefore, we had better not mention the word of “genius”. Instead, we need to pay more attention to the declaration and to carefully think about the common and fundamental benefit of the whole human beings. And we need to actually to feel and touch the “future me” and the “celestial being” of me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The author had cited those familiar stories at the postscript of this book: the God can not bear that people would construct the sky stairs to realize the dream of going to the heaven. So the God make the language of human be confused and make them have not any method to communicate with each other, so they can not cooperate with each other and obviously can not build up a sky stairs to realize their dream of going to the heaven, thus, this declaration was broken. I think The Second Declaration was to construct this sky stair; it had collected the dream of all the human beings, and had even collected the seeking of many wise people in these thousands or hundreds of years. One and another surprising modern technologies had made up the consolidate base of this dream. The achieved great achievement of human genome project shall allow human to re-construct a heart-to-heart “common language”—to re-construct the code of human genome. The God has already can not make this language to be confused. Now, we want every people of human being to understand that human have ability to avoid “going to the Hell” and have ability to “directly go to the Heaven” by this sky stair. And it makes every one of all the human being to make effort to realize this common, loft and the greatest ideal. Scientist is the greatest seer and explorer of human. When people are confused and do know what to do, the scientists have not stop their seeking of truth for one day and they have not give up the exploration about the secret of life and the secret of this universe. It is just their strong and precious curiosity about unknown things; the secrets of berth and death have been disclosed. Wang Xiaoping knows this point deeply. In the “topic record” of the first page of this book, she cited the Nicholas Negroponte’s words of “the surprising thing is that now matter what kind of predication you have made, the fact always is undervalued. Even the most extreme predications all fell behind the fact”. At the opening of the chapter of The Convict of People’s Concept, she cited this sentence again. It is the truth that nearly every one of us has actually knows that it is the scientific technology that brings the great change for this world and people’s life. But whether our concept had the corresponded changes? This may be the key of problem. Because the obstacles of technologies are not insurmountable and unconquered, but the concept of human is difficult to break and to surpass—cited from the forty page of The Second Declaration. The author had listed many examples to prove that how the traditional concept stiffly controls people’s brain, dominates people’s visual angle, thinking ways, value directions and behavior ways, and then dominate every thing. In the whole history of human civilization, those one after another surprising, horrified and ashamed events had severely blocked the process of human civilization and the progress of science and technology and those had also resulted in many tragedies of history. While, when these tragedies took place, people turn their blind eyes to them and would be willing to summit to those traditional concepts. Wang Xiaoping said that even the science had proved that human could break the limit of nature and shall realize the hope of being live forever before 2003; people did not do it, did not want to do it and even were afraid to do it. Because this fact is against the traditional concept of “people can not live more than one hundred years” as these concept rooted in people‘s brain for thousand and hundred years. When you see those amazing and surprising scientific results in this book, you may surprised the wisdom of scientist, but have you think of why people do not cheer for this just like to greet a new born child or waiting to see the sun rising at the top of E-mei Mountain and Taishan Mountain? And have they thought of why the world continues to have battles and negotiations? People just like the busy ants and do not have any attention to the change of suns and stars in the sky. May be, this is the major idea of The Second Declaration. To same extent, The Second Declaration is also to declare battle with the traditional concepts. Just like what the author said, technology revolution and concept revolution is double wings of human beings. Only when these double wings have produced resonance, human shall reach up to the dreamed great status. The author of this book just likes a strong and vigorous salangane to earnestly call the storm of this concept revolution before the night of human mutation. I always think that the voice of The Second Declaration is the clangorous voice of this celestial body, and it also is common thinking of all the human beings in these 3 million years and will produce the great and long-time reecho. Wang Xiaoping is lucky. Her luck is not only because she is at this highly developed era which features with scientific democracy and social civilization, but also because she has the firm believes and deep cognition for what she had discovered. In her book, she continuously and highly appraised her new thoughts. But Columbus was not so lucky, when he found America, he did not know that was the new continent, thus, this new continent was named as “America” instead of “Columbus”.

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