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I Wrote to American President George Bush

It is a letter written before Bush started the war on Iraq. Just as I had expected, this letter failed to stop Bush’ decision on the attack to Iraq. At that time, I was only doing something “that was impossible as I knew but I insisted on doing”, and I also “stubbornly” hoped Bush might revoke his decision.Half a year ago, when Bush was flying a plane himself and landing by a “Lincoln” aircraft in a hurrah, declaring with a light mood and in ruddy health that the “major warfare” in Iraq had ended, and the key point from now on was not “to win the world” but “to govern the world”, this letter might have been cast away in an unknown corner.Even till now, the situation in Iraq is getting worse day by day. US force is being attacked continually, and the death toll has already exceeded that in the “major warfare”. According to Reuters’ analysis of the data published by US Defence Department, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq has already surpassed the total number of American soldiers killed in the first three years in the Vietnam War.All these are conveying one messageUS force has already got into the mire of Iraqi war, and is sinking deeper and deeper. On November 2, even head of US Defence Department Rumsfeld had to sigh: “US force is faced with a long-term and hard warfare, there will still be tragic days, and injuries and deaths are the price US force must pay.”Unfortunately, it has also proved what I predicted in my letterBush’ choice has decided whether America will go up direct to Heaven or go down direct to Hell! Bush-administration is just swallowing the bitter pill little by little made by himself, and going step by step down to Hell! If Mr. Bush still refuses to change his practice, things will be just as Mr. Liven Sinton, mayor of London, said: “Bush is the greatest threat to the lives on the earth ever so far as we have seen, and his policy will result in our extinction (from the earth).”Only the water of morality and justice can put out the fire of animosity, uproot the source of terrorism and ensure peaceUsing violence to get rid of violence can not get rid of violence at all, but can only lead to an even worse outcome!Mankind’s greatest error is short sight, and inability to look ahead correctly. At first, Bush never thought of the present-day predicament, but his “war bonus” mentioned with great delight has turned into today’s “war tragedy”! I wish some day mankind will reach a consensus on one pointUsing violence to uproot violence is deplorable and foolish, being the root of the greatest mistake and greatest tragedy on our earth.I am curious to know how Mr. Bush feels when he reads this letter again today.— A Special Note by the Author