Aikido Techniques for Beginners: How to Learn Aikido

Today, Aikido is practiced in dojos around the world. How to study Aikido Techniques? You can begin to study Aikido by following a few steps.



Step 1 Locate a dojo that offers training in Aikido. While you can learn about the history of Aikido at home, you’ll need an experienced instructor or sensei to master technique.

Step 2 Commit to weekly or biweekly practice in order to increase and maintain your knowledge of the techniques and the philosophical principals behind Aikido.

Step 3 Check your ego at the door. Aikido is not about proving how strong you are to others. It is not a competitive sport.

Step 4 Arrive at the mat 10 minutes early. Bow to the picture of O’ Sensei. Warm your muscles by stretching.

Step 5 Watch the sensei as he demonstrates the technique. Wait for the sensei to indicate that it’s time to practice. Practice the technique with your partner.

Step 6 Remain mindful of other students practicing on the mat.

Step 7 Prepare for a short meditation at the end of class. Listen to any additional comments from your sensei. Follow your sensei’s lead for bowing to O Sensei and bowing to each other.

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