Air Travel Conditions in Holiday Season

Wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year because of people trying to get home in time for Christmas. At the International Airport, flights are still leaving and arriving close to their scheduled time. For some humans aggravating to get in and out of the Billings airport, it’s been the “Travel Nightmare afore Christmas.”

The airport was awash Wednesday with anniversary travelers aggravating to get out of Billings, including dozens still trapped from delays and cancellations due to Tuesday’s fog.

Wednesday’s snow acquired a few problems in Billings, but bounded hubs like Denver are ambidextrous with a almighty storm, affecting biking elsewhere. With alone two canicule until Christmas, it’s a absolute case of bad timing.

“We accept an old adage in the industry, if it’s calm for Thanksgiving you’ll get it at Christmas or carnality versa, this year it’s been advancing in at Christmas in spades.” said Kevin Ploehn, the Assistant Director of Aviation and Transit at Logan International Airport in Billings.

It’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to analysis ahead, abnormally over the next few days. A massive storm is impacting the Midwest Wednesday and Thursday, and airports in Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis could see delays or cancellations.

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