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An Open Letter to Annam Secretary-general of the United Nations

Dear Mr. Annam, United Nations’ Secretary-generalDear Leaders of the United Nations       Please accept my greeting!       I, Wang Xiaoping, a Chinese girl fond of thinking, am caring about mankind’s future, thus caring about the future of the most authoritative international organization, the United Nations. After finishing the book The Second Declaration, when I thought of the United Nations, all sorts of feelings welled up in my mind, thus, an idea occurred to me:  write a letter to all of you working in the United Nations. As a member of mankind, I deeply believe that the fate of the United Nations is just the fate of mankind.       Mankind’s greatest creation in international relations is the establishment of the United Nations. In the half century, the United Nations has played a great role in maintenance of world peace and promotion of cooperation and development of all countries. However, we have also seen, the United Nations is so weak in many ways, lacking real power. Only by all-round reforming of the United Nations and enabling it to have the power of leadership and management of the whole world can the United Nations shoulder the important task to govern the whole globe and the mission to integrate the whole world. Therefore, I wish to raise some suggestions to Mr. Annam and all officials of the United Nations on strengthening and reforming the United Nations.       My dear friends, I do not know how you think about the fact that the United Nations has been in a powerless position in many ways for a long time. Most people only see the economical cause, but I think the more important cause is the cultural one. Today’s United Nations is not only a dwarf in economy, but also a dwarf in culture.       Dear friends, I think you must also be worrying about the fact that the present-day mainstream culture of the world is still a nationalism culture, a “Darwinism” culture and a cold war culture. It is just these cultures that are inducing the whole world to expend the money, resources and power on mutual fighting and mutual killing. The United Nations should endeavor to develop and spread a new culture that may have the greatest power to promote mankind’s union and world’s unification, such as the human-centered culture (including individual-centered culture, the-people-centered culture and mankind-centered culture), the life culture, the ecological culture, the great harmony culture, the mutual benefit culture, the Dacheng (great accomplishment) culture and so on. Only by doing so can the United Nations unite all the countries in the real sense, and realize its original intention and mission.       Dear Secretary-general Annam, you have cudgeled your brains and taken great pains in mediating for stopping war-flames and conflicts over the world. This work is very important, but it is not a fundamental remedy. The fundamental way is to develop the culture of the United Nations greatly, so as to make it into a great cultural power. I think, what you should do is to try your best to let the United Nations work out an advanced mankind culture and concept of value, build up the common spiritual tie and ideal tie of mankind, provide the common ideal and common goal for the whole mankind, and let all people be aware of the common ideal and common goal of mankind. Only mankind’s Dacheng culture can provide the common ideal and common goal for all mankind. Only by wide spreading of mankind’s Dacheng culture and letting it go deep into the hearts of the people can the peoples of the world be united together for the common ideal and common goal. Hence, only greatly developing and spreading such a culture is the fundamental way to realize world peace and achieve harmony all over the world!       The Declaration for the New Millennium published at the summit conference of the United Nations celebrating the new millennium said: “The major challenge facing us today is to ensure globalization will become an active power beneficial to all people of the world.”