Ancient Chinese Kung Fu based on Yin and Yang theory

Chinese kung fu with its principle of “To exercise in accordance with Yin and Yang” firstly appeared in a literature of pre-Qin dynasties. Among which the most characterized ones were “A Yue Woman’s Exposition of Swordplay” in the end of the spring and Autumn Period (770—476 B.C.) after Pa Kua, Hsing I or Zhou Yi and some relevant dissertations of “Zhuang Zi” in the Period of Warring States.

The whole articles about Yue woman explained the theory of victory in attacking and protecting with Yin and Yang conversion rules. (“Wu Yue Chunqiu, Gou Jian Biographical Record”).

Zhuang Zi thought that technique in attacking and protecting was in Yin and Yang. He proposed that one should ingeniously convert between Yin and Yang so as to achieve victory. Furthermore, he directed out that the essential of “techniques” laid in following transformation and conversion rules of Yin and Yang. In Wushu fighting, the one who made even in unprevileged and backward condition suitable transformation of Yin and Yang was able to succeed with techniques.

Ancient Chinese Kung Fu based on Yin and Yang theory. To exercise in accordance with Yin and Yang is basic principle for Chinese ancient Kung Fu

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