Asia Travel Advisor: Five Great Scenery Worthy to Visit in Philippines

Considering of a Philippines travel? Wondering whete to go? The following Philippine scenic spots such as Mayon Volcano, Sunset at Manila Bay, Taal Volcano, Banaue Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills are most rewarding for a visit.

Mayon Volcano
Regarded as one of the most perfect cone in the world locates in the Bicol province of Southern Luzon. An active volcano but erupts in centuries interval. The volcano has been a boon for centuries to Bicolano farmers nearby, due to rich farm land brought forth by its tectonic activity.

Sunset at Manila Bay
Anywhere else in the world, exquisite sunsets that continues to fascinate lovers of nature are common sights, but at the historic Manila Bay as the sun slowly marches away from view, appears one of the most ravishing sunsets that nature has to offer.

Taal Volcano
Located in the mountainous region of Tagaytay, Northern Luzon is widely considered the world’s lowest active volcano. This unique land feature is a grand sight to behold on overlooking rest houses that are bathed in gentle and crisp mountain breeze. These well-developed rest houses with enough plain space around for picnic and children’s playground are ideal for taking a break from the humdrum of everyday city life.

Banaue Rice Terraces
Sometimes considered as one of the wonders of the world is located in Batad, Mountain Province in Northern Luzon. This historic rice terraces so unique in the world was built by the native Ifugao of the province. This splendid man-made prehistoric structure is now preserved by the Philippine Government for heritage and for all tourists around the world to see.

Chocolate Hills
A panoramic view of this seeming ocean of hills provided by an elevated guest house lying on top of a mountain is perhaps one of the most arresting sights one could experience his whole life. Geologists speculated these little mountains that turn brown (thus the name chocolate) every summer due to blighting grasses were remnants of corral refs when this tiny Island province of Bohol was under sea some two million years ago.

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