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Asia-Africa Agriculture Summit Scheduled to Open in July, August and October 2018 in 7 Countries

The 2nd Asia-Africa Agricultural Cooperation & Development Summit is scheduled to open in July 2018 in South Africa. All countries in Asia and Africa will celebrate and share pleasure together. Asia and Africa will achieve mutual sharing and mutual benefit in this global agriculture summit. The summit will create a more open and efficient platform for agricultural exchanges and cooperation, build a closer and stronger network of agricultural cooperative partnership,explore a win-win development path for Asia-Africa agricultural cooperation.

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New Smartphones Coming out! Why these phones haven’t become more popular

New smartphones Coming out! Why these phones haven’t become more popular? First time I’ve heard of butt dialling. It would have to have big buttons for me to do that. It’s in a tough, durable case without one of those big screens

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Japanese Traditional Culture: Origami Art

Origami has a long history and was originally not for children at all in Japan. Like many things in Japanese culture, origami (from “oru” meaning to fold, and “kami” meaning paper) has its origins in China.

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