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Classic Car Candy Preview: Thousands Eye on Historic Cars and Trucks

Classic Cars Preview: MATO mania, historic cars and trucks collection. Grassy baseball fields at Ray Kroc park were absolutely brimming with cars and trucks from a bygone era.

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2010 Volkswagen Polo GTI New Car Pictures, Speculations & Features

2010 Volkswagen Polo GTI: Introduce 2010 VW Polo GTI New Car Pictures, Speculations & Features. Counsel new VW Polo GTI car prices and compare them with other revalents. due to high duty on cars and high executive salaries at VW.

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Car Magazine to be an active forum of auto market

Car Magazine Readers are willing to show their opinion. The automobile developed a large market that makes mass eager to grab the information and communication. To be an active forum of the automobile market.

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Auto Magazine gives birth with China’s entry into WTO

Auto motor and sport, 25 years in Europe, gave birth simultaneously with China’s entry into WTO.The feedback from the high-level readers deeply reflects the features of this activity. World best saloon in Automakers’ eyes.

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China Auto Industry Needs to Endure Loneliness

Those Who Are Engaged in China Auto industry Need to Endure Loneliness. the whole China auto market is involved in turbulence and impetuosity. China car sales are in big trouble. People have a strong impulse, which can be properly summed in such words.

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