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Mian Quan Main Features and Training Skills (Continuous Chuan)

Mian Quan or the continuous Chuan is mainly popular in central Hebei Province. It is called continuous Chuan because its fist play is continuous and prolonged by soft and supple movements and actions.

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Wing Chun Chuan Techniques, Principles and Characteristics (Spring Chuan)

Wing Chun is also called Yongchun Quan, the Yongchun Chuan or Spring Chuan. It is said to be created by Yan Yongchun of Liancheng County in Fujian Province.

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International Wushu Cup 2010 to Be Held in March

Minh-Zone Entertainment organizes in cooperation with Fang Oei Wushu on the 6th and 7th of March the first International Wushu Cup 2010. This International Championship will be held in the Netherlands at Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam.

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Tongbei Quan Major Schools, Styles and Techniques (Back-through Chuan)

Tongbei Quan is also called Tongbi Quan, back-through Chuan or arm-through Chuan. It is one of the most popular schools in north China. Back-through Chuan is characterized by movements based on birds and animals-monkeys, eagles, cranes and cats.

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4 steps to learn kung fu defense techniques against straight punch

First developed as a form of protection, the defense techniques of kung fu are integral, whether taught as a fitness method or a competitive sport. An essential part of kung fu defense is learning to block a the common straight punch.

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Hua Quan Origins, Techniques and Characteristics (China-style Chuan)

Hua Quan, called the China-style Chuan, is one of Chinese Chuan styles. It originated in Jining of Shandong Province (ancient Rencheng).

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