Basic Self Defense Techniques for Children: How to Scare Away Attacker

Kids are a group of the weak. They are naturally trusting and curious. So they are the goals that bad men attack. They want to be helpful. It is the most thing for them to master basic self defense techniques.

self defence for kids

self defence for kids

Step 1 plan ahead. Consider those situations where your children are most vulnerable to attack (for example, at the playground, in a neighbor’s yard, biking on the next street).

Step 2 Identify the top one or two self-defense techniques your children might use if they were attacked in the home, at the playground, and so on.

Step 3 Organize a family meeting on self-defense, similar to family rehearsals in case of fire. Ask the children “what would you do if'” scenarios, based on your list of possible situations. Tell them when to call 911 and when to run away.

Step 4 Identify safe havens for the children to run to if approached or attacked. Make sure the children understand that their primary goal is safety and that it’s okay to tell on an adult.

Step 5 Enroll your children in a basic self-defense course or martial arts school. Many programs specialize in coaching children how to deal with strangers who pose as family friends or who ask a child to find a lost puppy.

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