Birth improvement through technology is eugenics through high technology

Birth improvement through technology is eugenics through high technology, that is, using the great breakthrough in today’s genetics, the amazing gene engineering, to reform human genetic gene. By all-round reform of the genetic gene, it is to optimize human natural predisposition in all aspects, so as to provide the optimal material basis (material source) for human overall development, provide the most optimal natural predisposition (basic quality) for the quality education, and create “superhumans” who have been optimized in all aspects such as physique, intelligence, ability, virtue, beauty, pleasure and so on. Such a superhuman is an all-round transcendence of the present human,possessing the inherent qualities of the “god” basically.

Factors determining a person are nothing more than the two major aspects:Congenital factors and acquired factors .Since the ancient times,people have been arguing endlessly about nature and nurture. Some educationists assert “one ounce of inheritance may outmatch one ton of education”,and there is a folk saying spread from mouth to mouth: “A dragon bears a dragon,a phoenix bears a phoenix,and a rat’s son is able to burrow naturally”;On the other hand,some scholars allege:Give me a dozen infants,I can cultivate them into pickpockets, robbers or lawyers, professors, according to your requirements.

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