Cantonese Language Characters, Scripts and Pronunciation

learn Cantonese language? Why should Cantonese be refered to as a language? We’ll study the Cantonese language, with excellent info on tones, pronunciation, common phrases and thematic vocabulary. Join us today.

Cantonese Language Characters, Scripts and Pronunciation

Cantonese is definately a different language from mandarin which is a different language from wu, hakka, min, yue, in the same way that all the Chinese languages have a common ancestor language so do all the romance languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, etc. Portuguese and Spanish are probably more similar in their Spoken form than Cantonese and Mandarin are. It’s all politics in my book

Cantonese language script, pronunciation and special characters

Why should Cantonese be refered to as a language? I think the main point is that actually linguists themselves did not manage to come to a final and irrevocable definition. What defines a language is its structure not whether it is written in Chinese characters or not. A written system might be applied to many different languages.

GuangDongHua (GongDongWa) 廣東話 Cantonese is the most common dialect spoken by over-seas Chinese. Its formal name is YueYu (YutYu) 粤語 It is in fact a different language from Manderin, although closely related to it. A person who has grown up in BeiJing and has never heard Cantonese, would understand almost nothing. About 80% of Cantonese words have the same root as Mandarin although the pronunciation may be shifted quite drastically. The other 20 percent is strictly Cantonese and has no Mandarin equivalent. These words are called JukJi Cantonese is spoken in GuangDong province, HongKong, Macao and all around the world.

The TaiShanHua (HoiSanWa) 台山話 TaiShan dialect of Cantonese is spoken in SanFrancisco the largest collection of JukJi is a set of about 4500 characters published by the city government of HongKong, The average Cantonese probably only uses a few hundred. These characters can not be found in a HanYuDaZiDian dictionary.

Book References:

A Practical Cantonese-English Dictionary 實用粤英詞典 by Sidney Lao 劉緆祥
The Cantonese to English dictionary which I used for my Cantonese syllabic database.

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